drawing of caterpillar in oval frame

blue ribbon and drawing of caterpillar in oval frame

Up Close – First Place at Southern Arts Society
“Nature Reconsidered” Art Contest and Exhibit

Notes from exhibit judge Lila Shull:

“The quaint size of this work is a playful trick because I was delighted with the detail, skill and intention of the artist. This scratchboard piece left a satisfying impression. I wish I could reach out and touch that caterpillar, the one I recognize from the backyard of my childhood home. Lori captured the fragileness of the fine hair, and preciousness of a living form. As I was admiring the intentionality of the strokes and finesse of body, I was charmed by being duped to admire an insect that is historically an agricultural pest, capable of causing enormous damage to farmland and crops. While also a serious nuisance, caterpillars have been used for silk, food and biological control of invasive plants. This small piece really had me reconsidering nature, indeed.”