The Skylight Exchange is one of my favorite bookstores because of its unique hidden nature. The only reason I even found it was because of the wooden sign sitting on the Rosemary Street sidewalk. The worn placard had a piece of paper with “sale” drawn in red ballpoint. At the entrance of an alleyway was a metal sign promising “Books – CDs – Tapes” to anyone who would be willing to enter the door at the end of the alley. I can never turn down the adventure of a used bookstore.


Once inside, I found a large room lit by several skylights, containing a lunch counter and a makeshift stage.


It’s such an interesting place, I had to paint the entrance. In the future, I will add a piece to the series showing the interior.


For those who are interested in going: the Skylight Exchange is located at 405 ½ Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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