drawing of a mandolin rendered in scratchboard.


Mandolin, scratchboard drawing

drawing of caterpillar rendered in scratchboard

Up Close

Up Close – scratchboard first Place at Southern Arts Society, Nature Reconsidered 2019 Art Contest and Exhibit

up close drawing of three lab mice in a persons hand.

Lab Mice

Lab Mice, original scratchboard art for silk screen calendar page for sale through Southern Arts Society

cicada insect flying rendered in scratchboard.


Cicada scratchboard drawing for silk screened calendar page with Southern Art Society

peace dove greeting card

Peace Dove

Peace Dove, scratchboard Peace Dove Greeting Cards available for purchase

man in black shirt in cafe scratchboard drawing

Center of the Universe Cafe

End of the Universe Cafe, scratchboard Appeared in Cheap Joe’s Art Supply 2020 Catalogue under the title End of the […]