black and white drawing of a treeline and clouds
Belmont Skies, scratchboard, 5 x 7 – SOLD

blue ribbon and artwork

Belmont Skies Wins First Place at Southern Arts Society on Saturday, September 24. 2022 MORE

The amount of energy contained in this 5” x 7” is intense. The movement of the clouds create a dramatic contrast to the ominous tree line. This is movement the viewer can sense and feel. The story seems to linger in the darkness that lies horizontally within the composition. Adams pushes the visual depth deep into this small landscape and into the viewer’s mind, yet the landscape orientation pushes us into a calm beyond the picture frame. This small work is worthy of sharing a wall with a Rembrandt pen and ink and even reminded this artist of the wood engravings of Rockwell Kent.  One of the most compelling components behind this work is being surprised by the medium.

– Judge:  Shelley Ellis, Adjunct Faculty at UNC Charlotte