color scratchboard and inks of Jasmine the cat sitting on a man's knee.

Jasmine Color

Jasmine, color scratchboard inks on clayboard, 5 x 5 inches

black and white cat curled up sleeping on a red patterned blanket.

Napping Cat

A lovely colored pencil and watercolor portrait of a cat sleeping curled up, framed in a vintage green and gold frame

gray and white cat in front of picture window at springtime.

Window Cat

A lovely color drawing of a cat watching out the window

drawing of gray and white cat with large eyes rendered in colored scratchboard inks.


Kaylin a really cute cat drawn in scratchboard inks on clayboard

detail of drawing of antelope head mounted on a bookstore wall rendered in colored scratchboard inks.


Antelope, located at Battery Park Book Exchange in Asheville NC – scratchboard and scratchboard inks

drawing of caterpillar rendered in scratchboard

Up Close

Up Close – scratchboard first Place at Southern Arts Society, Nature Reconsidered 2019 Art Contest and Exhibit

glowing foo dog with gold background rendered in scratchboard by Lori McAdams

Foo Dog

Foo Dog, scratchboard with color inks

up close drawing of three lab mice in a persons hand.

Lab Mice

Lab Mice, original scratchboard art for silk screen calendar page for sale through Southern Arts Society