color scratchboard and inks of Jasmine the cat sitting on a man's knee.

Jasmine Color

Jasmine, color scratchboard inks on clayboard, 5 x 5 inches

black and white cat curled up sleeping on a red patterned blanket.

Napping Cat

A lovely colored pencil and watercolor portrait of a cat sleeping curled up, framed in a vintage green and gold frame

gray and white cat in front of picture window at springtime.

Window Cat

A lovely color drawing of a cat watching out the window

portrait of David in glasses looking down with a green background paited in mixed media by artis Lori McAdams


It is an exquisite little painting. I liked the composition and the straight-forward nature of the piece. The artist controlled the medium in a masterful way. Bravo!

pageboy cap

Beige Pageboy Cap

Pageboy-esque hat from The Boulevard – a boutique that was in SouthEnd, Charlotte NC.